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Allegra Fiorino 2010-01-15
You are fantastic!!! Everything you are is what lots of us once little girls wanted to be when we grew up. I think you are absolutely fabulous in every way shape and form!!! Keep up the good work and I hope to see you sometime doing pirate like things!!! Much love to such an awesome wench with such kick ass style!!!!
From: Denver, CO
Cupcakes!!!! 2010-01-15
Hey Sweetie,so glad i got to see you tonight!!!! u looked beautiful as always i hope you and dean had fun at the concert, i think of u guys all the time. and it makes my day everytime i see u guys :-
From: santa cruz
Gaby Navarro 2010-01-15
Hi! I just became a prate fan and may I say your customes are totally awesome! I'd love to wear one someday!
From: Gdl, Mexico
Captain Teague 2010-01-15
Just dropped in to see what condition your condition was in ! great site , cheers lov
From: Halifax,Nova Scotia
Capt Dray MacGregor 2010-01-15
It be me and me mates Lass...the Capt and crew of the Red Dragon's Revenge wish you and yours the best for Christmas and The New Year and hope you'll be join us this come year when we fit out the ship again for the high seas and we be sailin for the south China sea in October if your up for it?
From: Burbank, CA
Pirate bride 2009-09-21
I love your web-site. Its nice to know im not alone in loving pirates the way i do. I really love your red hair and everything about the way you present yourself, i wish more woman would express the way they truely feel the way that you do. I envy you and hope that one day you could come to south florida for our annual Ren Faire in Deerfield Beach, I would love to meet you. Til then, keep it real!
From: South Florida
Rhett Butler yeah, really 2009-09-21
Wow, your incredible. Pirate, viking, write for a pirate magazine - how can one person be so awesome?
From: Florida
apirate77 2009-09-21
It warms me heart to find A hot Wench,I mean your hot site so far in land.Let your flag wave in the wind.Love your place
From: Dothan
Marie 2009-09-21
What a charming website! I'm also a fan of pirates, and your site is fantastic!
From: California
Erin 2009-09-21
Aye, 'tis a privilege to add me mark to ye book of swabs! Keep the sun in yur smile and the stars in yur eyes and always remember to wiggle that what yar mum bestowed upon thee!
From: Oregon
Jeremy 2009-09-21
Arrh, Ye be beautiful.
From: United States
Jasper 2009-09-21
I am a large follower of your work and that of your pirate cohorts. Maybe one day the fates shall allow me to cross your path at an event so I may kiss your hand in admiration.
From: Savannah, Ga.
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