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Undead Biker Pirateer 2009-09-21
Arrr Awesum!
From: Aline,Ga
Rob 2009-09-21
Love your web page. I found it fascinating. I admire your passion in what you do here. Take care, Rob Scott
From: Hanover,PA
Forrest 2009-09-21
Love the site! You've got a great look going. Keep it up. Everybody, deep down, has a latent desire to be a pirate, myself included... Its interesting being part cowboy, part pirate, let me tell you. Cheers!
From: Washington
Madam T 2009-09-21
You totally rock Scarlett. You inspire me to be as sexy and fabulous with all my curves. Even though you have the best curves. You are awesome
From: NJ
Tess 2009-09-21
Too beautiful for words! Love the site and everything on it!
From: San Jose
Cap'n MantaRayz 2009-09-21
Aloha Scarlett! a Valkyrian Pyratess? none ca'be more fierce, no'more sassy!
From: InnoShire ~ Sunny San Diego
Kelly Maxwell or Pirate Kelly 2009-09-21
True artisan and inspiration are ye!
From: Tamp, FL
Red Richard 2009-09-21
The vision this woman presents, racks me brain with thoughts of Cleopatra, Helen of Troy, Isolde, Guenivere and a Red Headed Goddess with fire in her eyes. Tell me she has no lover worthy of her charm and beauty, and my libido will soar like an eagle. Tell me she is wanting a new love slave and my Pyrate heart black as it is shall be fulfilled. In Spirit & Blood,
From: Charleston South Carolina
Super Gordon 2009-09-21
I'm not quite so flattering as the lad below me here, but nice wares you got displayed about. Keep it up. You have a really awesome site!
From: Fort Richardson, AK
Capt. Mack of "Minxs' Revenge" 2009-09-21
Ahoy Lass, me and my wife were looking forward to finally meeting you at the next Pyrate Con, but due to me being away in another country,you can probibly guess were, we cannot make it. Have fun and have some grog for us. BTW You look heavonly as a Viking.
From: Virginia
Lars Fausnacht 2009-02-10
Scarlett, how can you be real? Gorgeous, Norwegian-German descent, likes pirates and vikings, and built to boot? Angels all weep in deference to your loveliness.
From: Tex-Ass
Blak-n-Blu 2009-02-10
Aye Lassie, its goot to see ya keepin on the web, Ye are a sight for me sore eyes, says I. .......Until we meet again me Beauty, -Blak
From: Tortuga Caye
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