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Pirate Wench 2009-01-15
From: Scottsdale, AZ
Janet Hansen 2009-01-14
You are AWESOME !!! An inspiration for all of us "Female Pirates" !!!
From: Oregon
Charlie Rengel 2009-01-12
Dear Scarlett: I wish I had a chance to see you as a pirate as well as a valkyrie back at Comic-Con. Your website is gorgeous, and every photo of you is beautiful. I hope we'll meet up again soon. Love, Charlie from Myspace
From: Orange County, CA
Capt Loki of the goode ship Drunken Viking 2008-09-02
Great Site! I hope one day my crew and I can make it too a big event>
From: pennsylvania
Angie-Arwen Renaissance Photography 2009-01-12
You are totally my idol as far as re-enacting goes. Bravo! Love the look etc!! Would love to shoot U if you are ever in the area maybe I could learn some things.
From: Maryland
Jasmine 2008-09-02
I think you at GREAT. You seem so true to yourself and I really admire that. You make me want to be a stronger person. Thank you! JJasmine
From: Seattle, Washington
Two Feather Jack 2008-09-02
YOUR web site is very nice and your photos very good!
From: lower burrell pa
Gypsy 2009-01-12
Thank you so much for being you! Your very skin glows with your magnificent spirit!
From: Loveland, CO
tim 2008-09-02
your web site is the coolest
From: lower burrell pa
lili 2008-09-02
Scarlett! I may be your boring twin! Rock on. And! Most B-E-A-yootiful website. Just gorgeous.
From: st charles, missouri
Captain Stripe 2008-09-02
What a great energy you have. Keep smiling, that smile is worth a million bucks.
From: Petaluma, CA
1st Mate Matt 2008-09-02
Love you miss Red. You are a true queen. You add soO much class to the world of pyracy and to Pirates Magazine. Give Talderoy a smooch for me.
From: Brawltimore, MD
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