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Mad Kat 2008-09-02
Ahoy from Oklahoma! I saw your picture with our ship's cook of the Black Swans Revenge Mad Lolly Gaghan-Cannabal. All I can say is that wish I looked half as good as you do in a Corset. Best Wishes!
From: Oklahoma, USA
thelioness/Stacy Gee 2008-09-02
Great Site!! I love your hair!!!
From: Minnesota
Ladyrogue 2008-09-02
Beautiful Site!!! Keep up the good work! Enjoyed browsing so much!!! Thank you!!!
From: California
Pinky DeJesus 2008-04-26
Scarlett, You are a vibrant, fearless woman. I admire and am inspired by you. Pinky
From: South Carolina
LYCAN 2008-04-26
Thank you so much for your support! The people at mdhgraphicdesign.com thanks you!
Captain RD & Lady Fayre 2008-09-02
Enjoyed invading New Orleans with y' darlin. Fair winds till next we meet.
From: Texas
Captain Juanito Crow 2008-04-26
The entire Crew of The Royal Fortune Pirate Society in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, sends our Best Regards to you!
From: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Red Richard 2008-09-02
You make a pirate's heart long for New Orleans Square. I know the pirates of both Carolinas pay you court.
From: Charleston, SC
Captain Aries 2008-04-26
Looking foward ta mmein ya at the Con...Me ol' buddy, Cap'n Michael McCloud and his darlin' wife Jamaica Rose know of me weakness fer Redheads!
From: Scottsdale,AZ.
Gregg 765 2008-04-01
Miss Scarlett: Looking forward to seeing you at PyrateCon.
From: New Orleans, La
Talderoy 2008-04-01
Thar be only one RED Pirate Queen!
From: East of Eden West of Hell
Siva 2008-04-01
You are fabulous my dear. Absolutely fabulous!!!!! I love that you got a kick out of the pub Scarlett. Thank you for making my day with your enthusiasm.
From: South Crazylina
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