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About Me
"She dreams in color, she dreams in red..."

'Ello, babies!  My name is Fallon. I'm classy, sassy with a whole lotta ASSY!  Professional Pirate Queen, artist's Muse, trollop, tart, courtesan, soiled dove, harlot, hussy, strumpet, camera whore, walking cartoon character and obsessive-compulsive-suffering redhead.  But above ALL, you will quickly realize I am the BIGGEST DORK OF ALL TIME.  I go BIG in everything I do because I just don't know any other way to go!   I LOVE LIFE and intend to live it MY WAY and to it's FULLEST EXTENT!  Whoever said, "all things in moderation" was a boring twit!

My hobbies include: Pirate events, Renaissance Faires, vaudeville, costume design, costume consulting, corsetry and painting murals!

Pirates are a passion of mine and I go to Pirate Faires & events when I can! 
I have been obsessed with black & white stripes since I was young.  I wanted to grow up to be a "saloon girl" and the redhead wench up for auction on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland.....check and CHECK.  Half of my closet is leopard print the other half is red and black.  No joke.  I love classic movies and burlesque.  My favorite color is red and most everything in my life is red in one way or another.  I make my daughter watch "MOMMIE DEAREST" so she'll think I'm a good mom.  I love going to the theatre (stage), especially musicals and Phantom of the Opera is the BEST musical of all time....period....if you don't think so, leave my website immediately. *wink*  I am a "PK" (preacher's kid), so I guess that explains a lot about me.  I don't have ANY tattoos but I LOVE them!  I have a "thing" for bear skin rugs.  I have size "S" feet...for "Sasquatch".  I am Norwegian and German.  I was bred to wield a rune-inlaid sword to protect the Viking village while giving birth to 3 babies at once......SIDE BY SIDE.  No chance in Hell to be petite, and I'M HAPPY FOR IT!  As the great Reverend Horton Heat would say, "If you're gonna build a barn, then build it stout!"
Amen, Reverend.

MUSIC-IT'S MY OXYGEN!, Scotland, the sound of a Bo'sun's whistle, my Jack Russell Terrier "Mini Me",  HIGHWAYMEN *le sigh*,  ARIEL, Will Ferrel (Guffaw!), the words "broad" and "dame", Disneyland (I will ride Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion ALL DAY LONG....no, REALLY....I never leave New Orleans Square, unless the churro cart moves), the genius art of Marc Davis, Disney Legend Alice Davis (she costumed the entire POTC ride!), Disney animator Andreas Deja, MERMAIDS, Barber Shop Quartettes, MAC makeup, "Pop Rocks", Shirley Temples (the drink), Walkers Shortbread, North Wood's cheesebread, room service, the smell of leather, rum, & sweet cigars all TOGETHER, the smell of night blooming jasmine or wild sage, crazy heels, foot massages after wearing crazy heels, Arizona sunsets and monsoons, thunder storms, roller coasters, Jack Russell Terriers, chickens (God's funniest creation), manatees (sea cows), groundhogs, buffaloes, wombats, my PT Cruzer convertible, gifts, vintage stuff, wearing corsets, taking off corsets, torso massages after taking off corsets, Vikings, Valkyries & Norse mythology, eBay, listening to the banjo, steel guitar, harmonica, harpsichord or Didjeridu, Mimosas in the morning and Groundhog Day.

Joan Crawford's eyebrows and Gene Wilder's hair.  

Christmas (the commercialism), talking on telephones, the smell of skunk, people who don't move when you say "excuse me", people who chew with their mouths open (bad table manners), people who don't use their turn signals, drivers who are rude to truckers (give 'em a break), people who burp without saying "excuse me", people who don't say "bless you" when you sneeze, people who are cruel to animals, bad spelling & grammar, prescription medicine commercials, and eating any kind of fish.
Thanks for taking the time to read about me!
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